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Organizations spend a significant budget for indirect procurement. But the managers involved have a limited knowledge of the vendors available out there. There is a huge tangible and intangible cost of searching a new
vendor who can provide the desired quality. This forces the organizations to stick to the limited set of vendors they know. No one wants to rock the moving ship. The
vendors know this and charge exorbitantly for their services. The irony is that even though there exists a large number of quality vendors in the market at better prices, the organizations end up sticking with the same set of vendors and overpaying.

This is what cloudpro360 is on a mission to change. Revolutionize the way indirect procurement happens!


We have everything



Pan India Vendor Base

Enhance competition through significant participation from small & medium size vendors across India. Exploit idle capacities available at the time to drive costs down. Reduce dependencies.

Best Price Discovery

Know the market operating rates for the products and services you are interested in. Use our proprietary reverse auction platform to drive costs down with an average 20-25% savings potential.

Dedicated Sourcing Associates

Interface between organizations and suppliers - setting up RFQs, bidding rules, Auction set-up, training, supplier communication and delivery tracking.

Cloud Application - Safe & Secure

No complex software installations and hardware requirements. Simply login to our cloud application and get started. Send RFQs and get bids online. 

Our team of experts do their best


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.


Vendor Selection

Identify and onboard right vendors for you from carefully selected base from across India.


Set up RFQs & Auctions

Set up item details, bidding rules and email communication to suppliers.


Quality & Delivery Tracking

Ensure the products meet the quality and delivery timelines 100% as expected by you.


Post Auction Analysis

Keep a track of all your consolidated spends and make them available at your command.